Multisport Rogaine

March 8, 2003

Maroon Dam

Organisers Report

Thanks to all those who turned up for our 'experimental' Trigaine, and also thanks to those who gave feedback which will help us to plan future events. After all the work that went into the weekend it was great to get so many positive comments.

With all the good publicity we had (due to Gordon Bosley and a few others), I was hoping for 250 competitors, but in the end low numbers of experienced members meant we had to settle for 214 competitors in 83 teams. This is still the highest number in a Queensland Rogaine and augurs well for the future.

With 4 events varying from 3 to 9 hours in length we figured there were enough choices to suit all competitors. Interestingly, the traditional foot event was the most popular and the 3-hour paddleabout, which I thought would be popular, had the fewest competitors. I think the multi sport format was well received and should be offered again in the future, possibly in some modified form.

One justifiable complaint was the lack of balance in points between the foot section and the cycling/canoeing section of the 9-hour. Probably because it took far more time to initially place the controls on the foot course, I unconsciously tended to give them more points. Thus it was easier to score points on foot than by cycling or canoeing. The 9-hour course was not vetted as a whole (lack of volunteers), and so this was not picked up.

After over 4inches of rain 2 weeks previously the countryside looked fantastic, and although the high point controls involved a fair bit of climbing, everyone who was enticed up to control 150 (almost 750m above sea level) should have been blown away by the views. By the way, this spot is called Cleared Ridge, and not "Hamburger Hill" as claimed by one of the cyclists! The same rain brought the dam to over 10% full - not enough to make a reasonable size canoe section for the 9 hour, but at least it covered up the mud around the edge of the dam. .

Just a few notes on the results:-

  • In the 6 hour foot Trevor Sauer and Reid Moran prove that planning, navigation and 'the Cliff Young Shuffle' all work; 2 teams from the Maroon Outdoor Education Centre showed good sportsmanship and asked not to be awarded 2nd and 3rd places, as local knowledge gave them an advantage. We listed them anyway, and look forward to seeing how they go in the May event.
  • In the 3hour paddleabout and 6 hour cycle, novice teams did very well.
  • In the 9 hour, the winners, Antony Mitchell and Tom Ibbett did all sections including the canoeing.
  • Thanks to all those who helped on the day(s), some of them, including Troy in the safety boat, were not connected with the Association, and to those competitors who collected controls after the event.
  • Thanks especially to Gordon Howitt (maps), Peter Trehearne (food and cycle stuff), Helen Houghton and Genny Blades (vetting) and even more especially to Sandy Braiuka and Genny Blades (again) for all their hard work before, during and after the event.
  • A follow up article was put in the local paper thanking landowners and also Kalbar State School P&C for their great food. I am attempting to get recognition and goodwill in the community so that we will continue to get access to private land in this great area.


Hope to see you at the May event.

Bob Houghton